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About us

Aupa Pelotazaleok!

At Bilbao Esperantza Pilota, our passion for pelota is the engine that drives everything we do. From our humble beginnings, we want to grow and evolve to become a landmark, so we are proud to offer a unique experience in the world of Basque Pelota.

Our story

Founded in 2023, Bilbao Esperantza Pilota was born from the vision of a group of passionate sportsmen who wanted to share their love for this sport with the local community. What started as a humble idea to encourage ‘pelota’ flourished into a Basque Pelota Club that covers a wide range of sports services.

Our services

At Bilbao Esperantza Pilota, we offer a wide range of services including the sale of sports equipment, expert advice on choosing the right equipment, both pala (paddle) and hand pelota training, sports events and customized fitness programs. Our goal is to be a comprehensive resource for the lovers of this sport.

Our mission

At Bilbao Esperantza Pilota, our mission is to foster a love for sport and promote an active and healthy lifestyle. We also want to restore the passion for pelota together with Basque culture throughout the municipality. We are committed to providing our pelotaris with the best training for both teaching and competition. We believe that sport has the power to bring people together, inspire excellence and build stronger communities.

Our commitment

– Values and euskera (Basque language): to teach the values of Basque Pelota and the bond that it has with Basque culture and euskera.

– Quality: We are committed to offering the best high-quality training and services to meet the needs of our pelotaris.

– Passion: Our team is made up of passionate sportsmen who enthusiastically share their knowledge and experience.

– Community: Restore the spark of pelota in the municipality and support causes related to sports and health.


688 686 960 – Mikel



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