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Pedagogical room

Where knowledge comes alive

At the heart of our educational institution there is a unique space: the Pedagogical Room. This place is much more than four walls and desks; it is a scene where learning comes to life, where curiosity is nurtured and where those present can learn a little more about our culture and Basque Pelota.

Our educational philosophy

In the Pedagogical Room, we embrace an educational philosophy that goes beyond memorizing data. Here, we encourage analysis, critical thinking, and creativity. We believe that learning is not a passive process, but an exciting adventure that must be experienced and understood through action.

Interactive projects and activities

In the Pedagogical Room, learning transcends textbooks. Here, our students participate in activities that allow them to apply their knowledge in real-world situations, from watching and touching all the materials with which Basque Pelota is played to playing with them and standing in the place of the old and current pelotaris.

A place of inspiration

In the Pedagogical Room, learning is an exciting adventure that never ends. Welcome to a world of discovery and growth, where each day is an opportunity to learn something new!

Stimulating curiosity

Our educators, who are enthusiastic about their work, guide students in their quest for knowledge. We promote constant questioning, independent research, and the search for answers. We believe that curiosity is the spark that ignites the desire to learn.

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